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GM3000 HP is the perfect setup for you! Composed of a mechanical keyboard, headset, mouse and mouse pad. This robust kit is elegant and goes with you wherever you go, it has the best functions for each item. The mechanical keyboard guarantees maximum precision, the ergonomic 1000DPI mouse for stability to the game, the P2 headset is comfortable and elegant, its giant cable provides freedom in the game, all of these have integrated lighting, and the mouse pad increases its efficiency, that makes the GM3000 the all-in-one combo for professionals, best-in-class! 

Technical specifications: 

Mechanical Keyboard Resistant rigid plastic structure Resistant to small nicks Laser keys Multicolor lighting 1.6 meter PVC cable 
Size 435*125*35mm 
Weight: 688g 
Layout: ABNT2 
Compatible Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 Operating System 

No. Buttons: 3 Resistant Structure; 
Cable Length: 1.30m 
Size 118*64*37mm 
PVC Optical Sensor Cable; 
Optical resolution: 1000 DPI 
Weight: 115g 

Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz 
Sensitivity: 99B±3dB to 1kH
Impedance: 32O  ±15% 
Connection 2x P2 3.5mm + Adapter for 1 P2 3.5mm, 
UBS for Lighting 
PVC Cable 
Microphone with Flexible Stem 
Volume Control: On Earpiece 
Weight: 268g 

Moderate friction soft surface designed for control and speed Non-slip rubber base High quality smooth fabric 
Dimensions - 350 x 240 x 3 mm

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